Support for companies in all sectors

Case Studies

  1. case 01 Finding investment funding for a renewable energy-generation company
  2. case 02 Introducing suitable office space to a company expanding its business in Japan
  3. case 03 Providing support to organize a market research study for a digital content company interested in expanding its operations to Japan
  4. case 04 Supporting the establishment of an import and sales company dealing in traditional British homemade cakes and pies, along with other food imports
  5. case 05 Incorporating the office in Japan of an Australian database development company specializing in chemicals
  6. case 06 Support of Canadian IT-Related Business Promotion in Tokyo
  7. case 07 Support for Developing Sales Channels for Household Goods in Japan
  8. case 08 Introduction of a specialist for establishment of the Tokyo business office
  9. case 09 Sales channels and sales expansion, introduction of properties
  10. case 10 Overall business support in market development for Czech beer in the Japanese market
  11. case 11 Supporting the Business Matching of a German Company Offering Cleaning Systems Technology
  12. case 12 Supporting local business incorporation and business matchmaking for the UK’s largest flight simulator company
  13. case 13 Supporting a Dutch company manufacturing and marketing coffee capsules in its business
  14. case 14 Supporting the Japan Launch of an American Firm Developing Business Automation Software for the Telecom Industry (Introduction to agent for incorporation procedures, introduction to office space)
  15. case 15 Supporting a French Tech company providing an insurance fraud detection solution based on AI to start business activities in Tokyo
  16. case 16 Supporting an American company providing electric scooters that uses an app to expand to Japan
  17. case 17 Autonomous Technology Service Provider Specializing in Vehicle Solutions
    Supporting Business Matching of French Startup Expanding to Japan
  18. case 18 Supporting the start-up of an asset management company established jointly with foreign capital aiming for the development of the Japanese ETF market which is expected to expand rapidly
  19. case 19 Provides cutting edge AI solutions to clients in various industries.
    Supporting Business Matching of US Startup Expanding to Japan
  20. case 20 Leveraging digital marketing experience and success in Hong Kong
    Supporting business management and visa applications for developing business in Japan
  21. case 21 “Sparkup" reforms meetings with two-way communication.
    Supporting acquiring new clients in Japan through business matching
  22. case 22 The company will grow in Japan and expand to the world.
    Business matching support for the company from Taiwan to explore open innovations
  23. case 23 Supporting Singaporean company who innovates transportation system with bus on demand, to start up business in Japan
  24. case 24 Supporting the expansion of American companies, who creates solutions that connect every important cloud services, into Japan
  25. case 25 Supporting the Japan Launch of a US IT company that developed a conferencing tool that can alter online customer service.
  26. case 26 Supporting Atlas Biomed, a UK Company That Provides Personalized Health Solutions Through Genetic and Gut Flora Testing, to Enter the Japanese Market