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Business Development Center TOKYO Services

The Business Development Center TOKYO is a one-stop organization set up to support business expansion in Tokyo.
We also provide business connection support and professional consulting for foreign companies starting business in the Special Zone for Asian Headquarters.

Who do we support?

Foreign companies and entrepreneurs already operating or considering setting up a business base in Tokyo

Information on Support Desks

We offer general business consulting services to support business expansion, including consultation services and advice to help expatriate employees and their families lead a comfortable life in Tokyo. Our bilingual staff have broad international business experience, and provide counseling sessions person-to-person, via e-mail, or over the phone.

●Marunouchi Support Desk
TEL: 81-(0)3-6269-9981
FAX: 81-(0)3-6269-9982

JP Tower(KITTE)B1 2-7-2 Marunouchi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 100-7090
●Akasaka Support Desk
TEL: 81-(0)3-3582-8353
FAX: 81-(0)3-5561-4123
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JETRO headquarters 7F ARK Mori Building, 12-32 Akasaka, 1-chome, Minato-ku, Tokyo 107-6006

Business Support

From establishing a company to developing sales channels, we provide support for you to navigate administrative procedures, as well as consulting and other services. We can introduce professional service providers who understand the needs of your business.

Business Development (Consulting/Business Support)

Business Development (Consulting/Business Support)

When foreign companies are looking to expand into the Special Zone for Asian Headquarters, by drawing on a wealth of international business experience, the bilingual consultants of the Business Development Center TOKYO provide high-quality information, strategic business consulting and business support, etc. This service is tailor-made to meet individual needs and is offered free-of-charge.

  • External and internal environmental assessments that contribute to business-model and plan development when expanding into the Special Zone for Asian Headquarters
  • Definition and construction of business domains and provided value
  • Organization of concrete product and service concepts
  • Identification of necessary resources
  • Development of business strategies
  • Assessment of business feasibility
  • Search of joint ventures, partners and customers, etc.

  • Review of capitalization and capital strategy
  • Recruitment and personnel management of skilled linguists and engineers, salespeople, management, etc.
  • Risk management
  • Advice on branding and public relations strategies

About Our Business Matching Support Service

In accordance with the wishes of foreign companies, the Business Development Center TOKYO supports domestic sales-channel development and business-partner discovery, etc. Through individual matching with trading companies that can contribute to sales-channel development and sales growth, and also through matching with business partners such as manufacturers, joint ventures and technology partners, and also specialists, etc., the Business Development Center TOKYO supports the development of business networks by foreign companies.

Offering a Wide Range of Administrative Support Services

Besides giving guidance to international companies on administrative procedures required to do business in Japan, focusing on Tokyo, we also provide practical advice on administrative matters; for example, how to prepare and present documents for various administrative procedures, including applications for grants.

Specialist Introductions

In addition to introducing lawyers, judicial scriveners, administrative scriveners, CPA's and tax attorneys whose services are tailored to meet specific needs, at the Business Development Center TOKYO, we both organize meetings for foreign companies and accompany them during face-to-face consultations.
Furthermore, foreign companies are also able to receive ongoing business support after their expansion to Tokyo.

Company Establishment and Registration

  • Introductions to lawyers, judicial scriveners, tax attorneys, certified public accountants
  • Provision of information regarding taxation-related notification procedures, etc.
  • Introductions to major banks who can conduct business dealings in English

Labor Consultions and Human Resources

  • Introductions to certified social insurance labor consultants
  • Support with recruitment of human resources
  • Provision of information regarding social insurance nootifications

Status of Residence Applications and Visa Applications

  • Introductions to lawyers, administrative scriveners
  • Provision of information regarding visas

An off-the-shelf approach is not adopted when making professional introductions. Rather, based on specific industry and content considerations, while obviously noting specialists' competency in foreign languages, the Business Development Center TOKYO introduces the best-qualified candidates in each instance. These are people drawn from famous firms and private chambers, etc., and they possess both extensive experience and a solid track record in matters such as international law, venture business law, technology and intellectual property law, etc.

Finalcial One-Stop Support Service

We provide foreign financial companies considering the establishment of business in Tokyo with comprehensive consulting and support in the joint consultation service with the Financial Services Agency.
The ‘Financial Desk Consultant’ hear what the foreign financial companies would like to discuss, and according to the contents, introduce them to financial experts and others.

Business Development Center Tokyo・Hong Kong Office

To attract foreign companies, the Tokyo Metropolitan Government will set up a new office of "Business Development Center Tokyo" in Hong Kong, an international financial and economic metropolis where many foreign companies are concentrated in Asia.

Fundraising Support for Foreign Entrepreneurs

We will be providing a one-stop service for foreigners who are considering starting up businesses in Tokyo. Staff members proficient in English support various inquiries on the fundraising that are available during the start-up phase. The support for completing the necessary procedures for the fundraising is also available.

Living Support

Besides offering general day-to-day living information to expatriate employees of foreign companies and their families posted to Tokyo, we respond to individual inquiries. We can help guide you through administrative procedures, as well as introduce hospitals with multilingual staff and international schools.

Living Support

We provide the following services upon request to support.

Provision of information, advice, and guidance

By gathering useful information on life in Tokyo, we can provide advice and respond to individual inquiries.

  • Information on hospitals, schools, and day-care centers that are multi-language capable
  • Information on providers of translation and interpreting services
  • Information on transportation within Japan, and more

Community Assistance

Community Assistance

  • Assistance in creating events for families
  • Introductions to expatriate communities in Japan, and more

Provision of the Latest News

For the latest news on support available to your company as it establishes a presence in Tokyo, and useful help on business and personal life in Japan, check the Information page on this website, or follow us on LinkedIn and other leading social media sites.