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To prevent the spread of the new Coronavirus (COVID-19), Tokyo One-Stop Business Establishment Center recommend on-line consultation.
So please feel free to contact us by telephone and e-mail as follows.

※In response to the current situation of Covid-19,Tokyo One-Stop Business Establishment Center has stopped its on-sight services at all offices (Akasaka, Shibuya, Marunouchi) until at least the declaration of state of emergency is cancelled. For online consultation services at these centers, please contact us from the telephone number and e-mail address below.

【Tokyo One-Stop Business Establishment Center】
TEL:81-(0)3-3582-4934  E-mail:

【Shibuya Satellite Center】
TEL: 81-(0)3-5489-4630

【Marunouchi Satellite Center】
TEL: 81-(0)3-6259-1882

What's Tokyo One-Stop Business Establishment Center

The Tokyo One-Stop Business Establishment Center unifies the procedures that foreign companies and start-ups need to complete to establish a business. This is a first for our country. Through personalized service provided by staff knowledgeable in administrative procedures and experts, the center helps to facilitate the prompt completion of various filing procedures required when starting a business, including those for certification of articles of incorporation, company registration and notification of incorporation, taxes, social security, and immigration. Furthermore, to meet the needs of companies, the center also offers support for electronic applications as well as interpretation and translation services in several languages.

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