Small and Medium Enterprise Consultant's Profile

A small and medium enterprise consultant is expert with overall knowledge of business management, such as economics, economic policy, finance, accounting, corporate management theory, operations management, legal affairs management, information systems management, small and medium enterprise management, and governmental policy.

Small and medium enterprise consultants at the Tokyo One-Stop Business Establishment Center can provide consultations related to establishing a business, from information on establishment procedures to business / financial planning and management consulting, etc.

  • Akiyoshi Okada
    Akiyoshi Okada
    Qualifications/Certifications: Small and Medium Enterprise Management Consultant
    Career Summary: Specializes in human resource management (how to recruit and retain employees), finance (cash management techniques that do not rely on ad hoc tactics), and business plan preparation for financial institutions' loans.
  • Koki Yokoo
    Koki Yokoo
    Qualifications/Certifications: Small and Medium Enterprise Management Consultant, Financial Planner (AFP), Museum Curator, Manager of Turnaround and Business Succession, Certified Management Innovation Support Organization.
    Career Summary: Long experience of working and managing large and small companies, including B to B sales for public organizations at a major non-life insurance company, head of the public relations department (cultural projects and media relations), head of the strategic project office in the president's office of an affiliated company, and president of an insurance agency company for public organizations, currently working on public tender projects and business start-up support projects, Currently, he focuses on regional economic support, including management consultation services for corona measures at the Chamber of Commerce and Industry.
  • Akira Kurosawa
    Akira Kurosawa
    Qualifications/Certifications: Small and Medium Enterprise Management Consultant
    Career Summary: Worked for an electronic components manufacturer in the field of accounting and finance as well as in the planning department. Later, he was stationed locally in Malaysia, and from the headquarter department, he experienced overseas operations managing affiliated companies in China, Southeast Asia, Europe, and the United States. Since becoming independent, he has been providing management support to small and medium-sized business owners and assisting with startups.
  • Seimei Nakagawa
    Seimei Nakagawa
    Qualifications/Certifications: Small and Medium Enterprise Management Consultant, Labor and Social Security Attorney
    Career Summary: While serving as the Head of Human Resources at pharmaceutical and medical equipment companies, implemented an onboarding program mentor system to improve human resource systems and employee retention with global collaboration. Since becoming independent, he has focused on screening for public subsidies, consulting for client companies, and consulting on labor issues.
  • Hiroshi Nagai
    Hiroshi Nagai
    Qualifications/Certifications: Small and Medium Enterprise Management Consultant, MBA (San Francisco State University), Class 1 Certified Public Health Manager, JCCI Bookkeeping Level 2, French Language Proficiency Test Level 2
    Career Summary: I am a former engineer and a small business consultant. My main focus is on manufacturing and technology, but I am also good at management strategy and business planning, making use of my numerical processing skills. Recently, I have been increasingly involved in supporting the overseas expansion of small and medium enterprises (SMEs), and I also serve as a lecturer at seminars related to this area. I have been making full use of my English at a business level, and recently I have gained some proficiency in French as well.
  • Kazuhiro Ota
    Kazuhiro Ota
    Qualifications/Certifications: Small and Medium Enterprise Management Consultant, Retail Sales& Manegement Specialist(1st class), Class-2 health officer's license
    Career Summary: After graduating from university, He worked overseas for a Japanese tire manufacturer for 15 years in total. He was stationed in the U.S., Italy, and Belgium as a director, and was also responsible for business management of overseas subsidiaries. Following almost 40 year career in the manufacturer, he has been providing corporate consulting and support mainly for the promotion of corporate environmental initiatives. Support in Italian could also be provided.
  • Kunio Hishida
    Kunio Hishida
    Qualifications/Certifications: Small and Medium Enterprise Management Consultant
    Career Summary: After graduating from university, he worked for a general trading company Sogo Shosha, where he was in charge of finding U.S. products for Japan, exporting dairy products to Japan, and selling oxygen absorbers to the U.S. and was involved in M&A of food distribution businesses. including PMI. After retired from Sogo Shosha, he experienced wide range of businesses such as management of a listed company and advisory businesses to PMI after M&A.
  • Yukiko Fujita
    Yukiko Fujita
    Qualifications/Certifications: Small and Medium Enterprise Management Consultant, MBA (Keio Business School)
    Career Summary: After graduating from university,she joined a marketing research company. She then entered graduate school to study marketing and worked for a think tank. At the think tank, she has been engaged in demonstration experiments of tourism informatization including overseas, launching and promotion of new businesses, and business planning. Since becoming independent, She has been supporting startups and new businesses (business plans, loans, subsidies, etc.), including those involving foreign nationals.
  • Hiroyuki Iwamatsu
    Hiroyuki Iwamatsu
    Qualifications/Certifications: Small and Medium Enterprise Management Consultant, Accredited Management Consultant by Japan Productivity Center, Certified International Auditor, International Cooperation Professional
    Career Summary: He worked for a major general trading company for 35years, and he has experience in creating new business for importing, exporting and domestic business, in establishing joint ventures with overseas companies, and in managing overseas and domestic companies. After that, as a JETRO SME overseas expansion support specialist, he supported more than 10 SMEs, coordinated business negotiations with many overseas companies, and was involved in the establishment of joint ventures. Currently, he provides entrepreneurship support (foundation support (subsidy application support, sales channel development support, etc.)) for overseas companies, including Vietnam.
  • Yukihiko Itani
    Yukihiko Itani
    Qualifications/Certifications: Small and Medium Enterprise Management
    Career Summary: He was engaged mainly in new business development (market entry and market development in Japan) for a Japanese trading company, foreign electronics manufacturers, IT firms so forth. After serving as the president of Opulent Japan, a subsidiary of Singaporean EMS Opulent Techno Pte Ltd. and as the president of CCS Asia so on, he has started up his own consulting business. Today, he is handing a wide range of management consulting services for small and medium sized venture companies such as sales channel development and business expansion support for Korean companies in Japan, local market research in Singapore for a Japanese firm, business start-up support for entrepreneurs in Higashiyamato City, Tokyo, research, analysis and business partner sourcing in Japan for a Swiss electronics component manufacturer (at the request of Swiss embassies).
  • Isao Ohashi
    Isao Ohashi
    Qualifications/Certifications: Small and Medium Enterprise Management Consultant, MBA, National Government Licensed Guide Interpreter(English), B.A in Economics at The Univ. of Tokyo / MBA at The Univ. of Chicago, Graduate School of Business.
    Career Summary: After working for a major Japanese bank, Mr.Ohashi currently serves as an officer of the group company of a telecommunication firm.He has long been involved in the forefront of international business through corporate/project finance for overseas companies, business alliance with European telecommunication carriers, and experience as a top management of an overseas subsidiary.Over 12-year working experience in the U.S. and Europe has given him diverse skills.
    As a Small and Medium Enterprise Consultant, he provides management consulting, subsidy application support, and lectures in the fields of business strategy, financial analysis, and SDGs.
  • Manami Takeda
    Manami Takeda
    Qualifications/Certifications: Small and Medium Enterprise Management
    Career Summary: Supporting MSMEs in Japan and overseas is my business activity. The services currently provided to MSMEs in Japan are as follows: For start-ups, from procedures to develop business plans (inc. financial plan). For MSMEs, advising on sales channel expansion, subsidy information, and documentation support. Supporting MSMEs to expand business overseas is one of my strengths. Experience overseas: The seminar for start-ups in UAE women. Determine obstruction and issues of MSMEs to help create support plans in fieldwork (Egypt, Palestine, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyz, and Tajikistan). The 20 years of working experience in a U.S.A.-based publishing company in a marketing and promotion division enables cross-cultural communication, research, promotion, and brand-building know-how. Propose to you no overlooked advice concisely.


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