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Fundraising Support for Foreign Entrepreneurs

We will be providing a one-stop service for foreigners who are considering starting up businesses in Tokyo. Staff members proficient in English support various inquiries on the fundraising that are available during the start-up phase. The support for completing the necessary procedures for the fundraising is also available.


  • Dedicated Financing Supporters, who are qualified SME management consultants with a wealth of hands-on experience through years of working in financial institutions in Japan and abroad, provide financing support for budding entrepreneurs.
    *The supporters are on duty about two days a week. We recommend making an appointment beforehand.


  • Provision of information on means of financing that are targeted at the start-up phase, such as government directed credit and subsidies
  • Advice on the means of financing that are suitable for the respective phases of starting up a business.
  • Communication support by accompanying entrepreneurs on visits to financial institutions, etc. (interpretation, advices for preparing documents, etc.)
  • Support on the establishment of corporate bases and offices (provision of information about registration, etc.)
  • Introduction to professionals (lawyers, accountants, tax accountants, administrative scriveners, etc.) and the relevant institutional support desks, etc.
  • Provision of information related to the living environment (hospitals that provide English support, schools for children, etc.)



We will introduce questions often asked about the fundraising supporter service.

  • I am setting up and expanding business in Tokyo, and I need to make loan for equipment and labor cost
  • I need advice on how to write a business plan for loan applications of financial institutions
  • I want to know about subsidies available from municipalities
  • I want to ask how to fill out application forms of financial institutions

How do I get consultation support on fundraising?

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