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Small and Medium Enterprise Consultant's Profile

A small and medium enterprise consultant is expert with overall knowledge of business management, such as economics, economic policy, finance, accounting, corporate management theory, operations management, legal affairs management, information systems management, small and medium enterprise management, and governmental policy.

Small and medium enterprise consultants at the Tokyo One-Stop Business Establishment Center can provide consultations related to establishing a business, from information on establishment procedures to business / financial planning and management consulting, etc.

Small and medium enterprise consultants are always stationed in Akasaka and Shibuya.

  • Hisao Asakura
    Hisao Asakura
    Before becoming an independent management consultant, Mr. Asakura was employed by three companies, where he built an extensive management-related career: Started at a general trading company, engaging in new business planning and M&A project management and serving as general manager of an overseas office; While in his 40s, moved to a foreign beverage manufacturer, managing the development of a tea product brand (which still enjoys the top market position) and procurement; and Invited by a general container manufacturer to serve as a director in charge of sales/marketing. His professional qualifications include Small and Medium Enterprise Management Consulting, First-Class Retail Marketing, Career Consultant, Packaging Professional, and IP Advisor. He has supported the startup of a total of over 500 companies in different industries. His business motto places importance on “sincerity and trust” and “customer-oriented viewpoints.” Also serves as Director-General of NPO Business Support, and Deputy President of the Tokyo Small and Medium Enterprise Management Consultant Association.
  • Yasutaka Kawamura
    Yasutaka Kawamura
    Mr. Kawamura aims to work together to build the features and strengths of businesses owners/founders, focusing on improving sales through new business development and marketing strategies, as well as supporting in loans, subsidies, and financing.
  • Katsura Kudo
    Katsura Kudo
    She worked in sales at a travel agency for over 20 years. She developed a large number of new customers by selling tour plans, such as a tour overseas for the Japanese market and a tour of Japan for the foreign market, especially the Western market. She excels at area marketing by making the most of partner company’s advantages and culture that European countries possess. She is a certified General Travel Services Manager. She has been engaged in supporting sales strategies and management plans as an SME consultant since 2015.
  • Yasuaki Koshinuma
    Yasuaki Koshinuma
    Mr. Koshinuma’s major areas of specialty include: Internet-based CRM; low-budget marketing using crowd, social media and email; and new business planning and startup support. Offers expert service administering applications for government subsidies for small enterprises to continue their operations (Shokibojigyosha Jizokuka Hojokin) at the Tokyo Chamber of Commerce and Industry (Shibuya Chapter).
  • Yukio Saijo
    Yukio Saijo
    Before becoming an independent management consultant, Mr. Saijo had been employed by two companies, building careers in related areas—administration and corporate planning (food machinery manufacturing), and training administration and marketing support (training company). His services center on management-related areas, such as business planning (financing), operation structure development, operation efficiency improvement using IT, and marketing support. He is highly reputed for customization and assuring services in supporting startups.
  • Takehiko Taira
    Takehiko Taira
    Engaged in sales, planning and business planning of middleware for corporations at an IT company. Involved in planning and alliances for more than 50 corporate systems and services, from some listed companies to ventures. He excels at formulating and promoting realistic sales improvement programs backed by numbers. NPO Business Support Consultant.
  • Hiroshi Nagai
    Hiroshi Nagai
    He is a Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) management consultant, and a former engineer. His expertise is in manufacturing and technological industry, as well as formulating management strategies and business plans by using numerical data. He also offers lectures at seminars related to SMEs’ overseas business expansion. He speaks business level English and conversational level French. NPO Business Support Consultant.
  • Shigeki Yotsuyanagi
    Shigeki Yotsuyanagi is a graduate of Kyoto University with a master’s degree in Engineering. He has engaged in IT development at NTT, where he had the experience of applying for 12 patents. After building his own business, with the analytical skills developed in IT and the ability to write and discuss to the level of the consultant, he was the number one consultant out of 280 specialists in the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) project. In addition to providing more than 5,000 consultations on business start-ups, he has been giving lectures and seminars on business start-ups for more than 17 years, while being a part-time lecturer at Senshu University. His recent book includes “Rules for Entrepreneurship” (Cosmic Publishing).


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